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Seven Colors of Food in a Karatsu-Style Breakfast

We want our guests to taste a Karatsu-style breakfast! This was the idea of the people at Japanese inns and hotels in Karatsu.
So they invented "Seven Colors of Food in a Karatsu-Style Breakfast". This is served at Japanese inns and hotels in the form of "Karatsu-style breakfast chazuke" (rice with green tea and savory toppings).
We definitely hope you will try a Karatsu-style breakfast, offering plenty of locally produced, delicious ingredients.
This breakfast may be unavailable at some facilities.
Be sure to confirm availability when you come to visit.

Karatsu Japanese Inns and Hotels Offering a Karatsu-style Breakfast

Karatsu Seaside Hotel
Daiichi Hotel
Karatsu Royal Hotel
Sari Onsen Toeiso
Mizuno Ryokan
Ryokan Wataya

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